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Some of the most candelic candles I've ever purchased. 


These Tealight Candles arrived just as described. Were packed well with no breakage and order was filled promptly with very fast delivery. Very satisfied with this company 



Couldn't believe how fast we received it. Tested a candle to see if really dripless and smokeless - spot on. VERY impressed and will definitely visit them again for future purchases.


Kathryh H

These burn exactly as described - so much better and longer than regular tealights - thanks for the great dea

Floating Candles

Floating Candles

Colored Floating Candle Centerpieces

Floating candles are candles which are designed to float in water. They are moulded with oversized tops and small buttons so that they will remain stable as they burn, rather than tipping, listing or inverting themselves. There are number of uses of these decorative candles.
A floating candle centrepiece can be used at the dinning table, with the candle suspended in a large dish of water, and floating candles can also be added to water features in garden, large bowls outdoor and around the house, and any environment where there is water. Coloured floating candles are very attractive. The advantage of floating candles is that they carry few safety risks, as long as flammable material are kept away from the sides of the water so that candles do not accidently set something alight if they drift against edges.