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Red Apple Cinnamon Scented Votive Candles Set of 72 Burn 10 Hours



Stock Status: in Stock

Red Apple Cinnamon Scented Votive Candles

Close your eyes and imagine a warm breeze carrying the scent of freshly made apple turnovers through the air. If you want that sent to tantalize your senses all the time (not just when you're baking), our Apple Cinnamon Scented Votive Candles are just what you need. These Votive burn for about 10 hours and impart a subtle scent of apples and cinnamon into the surrounding area. Scatter them around the room for the best effect. The only problem you may have is guests asking for some of your yummy-smelling baked goods. With a 10 hour burn time, they'll be illuminating most of your evening, so you don't have to worry about replacing them often. !!!! This Votive Candles with 10 Hour burn time each, Scented Votive Candles are very popular for home use, whether it may be arranged around the tub or jacuzzi, or at patio and pool gatherings. These same candles are purchased for use in some of the finest stores in the USA. The candles are 1.5 Inch in diameter and 1.1/4 Inch tall.

  • Professionally packed to arrive quickly and undamaged

  • Packaged in sets of 12, 36 , 72 or 288

  • 10 Hour burn time When its in a Glass Holder

  • Made in the USA

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